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Six Secrets to a Socialized Dog

Six Secrets to a Socialized Dog

Is Your Dog Socialized? One day while observing the dog park you stop and realize your dog is a bully. Why is it that she runs after the other dogs while alternating nipping at their legs and barking loudly? You ask yourself, “Why isn’t my dog socialized”? You’re thinking… “Why should I even call her […] Read more…

Rosa’s 2 yr “Gotcha Day” in Photos

Rosa's 2 Yr "Gotcha Day"

Time sure fly’s when you’re having fun! Rosa’s Gotcha Day. Rosa has certainly brought love, joy and FUN into our lives in 2 short years! Happy Gotcha Day Rosa!! Rosa doesn’t come without a few hiccups, though… for example, when she’s stressed she pants and I mean pants ALOT! Notice the pictures and the tongue? […] Read more…

Love Is In The Air This Valentine’s!

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air Grace is the newest addition to our Doodle family and we love her beyond measure. I couldn’t resist and I made her a Valentine Heart hat for her first holiday! She is fluff wrapped up in a Doodle heart! Needless to say, she is a love bug and holds a […] Read more…

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